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Apr. 18 - Your AstroLiteracy Essay comparing Deep Impact and Armageddon is due tomorrow!!! Make sure you have answered all of the questions somewhere within the paper so that it makes sense.
Mar. 21 - Tomorrow is the last day to wrok on your Planet Project!!! Midterm is on Monday!
Mar. 19 - Some of you might not be making sufficient progress in class, so please make up for it at home. You really don't want a mediocre grade on this project...it is literally half of your TEST average!!!
Mar. 13 - Make sure to bring your materials or else your test won't go well... and for review and
Mar. 12 - From class today.. and for those of you who missed something...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUil4LzOlVE. Your test on Telscopes, Sol, and Luna will be in Wednesday!!!

Mar. 2 - Read the article "What's Wrong with Our Sun?' What is the main idea, who is concerned, what are some potential problems?

Mar. 1 - Read the article "Solar Impact" that I gave you in class. What evidence is there linking activity on the Sun to the Earth's climate change?

Feb. 29 - Using your new Castle Learning ( www.castlelearning.com ) to begin the assignment Lenses and Image Formation. It is due for Friday.
Feb. 24 - Since we did not get to finish in class, try to complete this over the weekend

orionhappyFeb. 1 - Please make sure to complete the Starquest activity by Friday. Study your constellations!

Jan. 31 - Complete the Starquest activity and study for your Constelleation Quiz 5!

Jan. 30 - Study for Constellation Quiz 4..same order, spelling does not count. Also, do not forget to go to the Dollar Store and get a 200 count pack of 3x5 index cards...it is your only material requirement for the course AND a homework grade (due by Friday).

Jan. 26 - Don't forget your notecards!!!!! Remember, your homework from Tuesday was to get a pack of 3x5 index cards from the Dollar Store.

for class on 1/27 tuttleeclipse.jpg

Jan. 24-25 - read through the (it was already in your folder) and highlight the definitions so that we can have a working vocabulary. It will make the lab easier.