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May 21 - I have posted two asignments on Castle Learning...Ohm's Law 2 and your test for the unit, Circuit Basics. Don't forget to bring materials in for your rocket project!

May 16- begin reading through http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/circuits/ , it has everything you really need to know
May 14 - What better way to review what we discovered today than some old-fashioned Castle Learning?!?! Complete Ohm's Law 1
May 7 - There are FOUR Castle Learning assignements that relate to waves...they are due BY Friday. That's one a night if you plan well. We will be working on electricity and magnetism starting tomorrow.

April 30 - You have a special gift on Castle Learning...Momentum and Energy Test...it is due BY WEDNESDAY...not ON or AFTER...BY

April 26 - Friday is tomorrow...do you know where your Castle Learning assignments are?
April 23 - you are expected to become masters of this content http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/energy/ as you prepare for the egg bungee cord challenge! Also, there are multiple assignments on Castle Learning to be completed by Friday.

April 24 is National Physics Day!!!

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has designated Wednesday, April 24, as the second annual National Physics Day, to be celebrated as part of National Science and Technology Week.

April 19 - Make investigations using the applet https://www.msu.edu/~brechtjo/physics/airTrack/airTrack.html What general rules can you come up with to describe any collision?

April 18 - Your Unit V Test is on Castle Learning!!! There will be no paper version as time is of the essence. You might want to look at the Unit V Tutorial assignment first. The TEST is due by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow...every day late is 5 point penalty!!!
April 16- http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/vectors/u3l3a.cfm

Mar. 28 - All of you need to check Castle Learning and make sure ALL of your assignments are completed!!!

Mar. 26 - Castle Learning - Unit IV Post-test - ES 1.2.1-1.2.2 ...AND... review velocity versus time graphs for the free-response part of your test!
I am the Physax and I speak for the Science.
Mar. 22 - http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/newtlaws/ Lessons 1 and 2

Mar. 21 - Castle Learning - Unit IV MidTest - ES 1.2.1-1.2.2

Mar. 19 - If you look at Castle Learning, there is a big, scary monster lurking there...Balanced Forces
Mgravitational_mass.jpgar. 16 - To prevent boredom from sinking in... ...and to get you ready for Monday so we can complete Unit IV WS 1

Mar. 15 - Still review vectors...I know it isn't as exciting as new Castle Learning assignements, but you can always make your own...I'm sure that would keep it from being too BORING

Mar. 14 - OMG...there is absolutely nothing new to do! SOOOOOOOO, review vectors, vector components, and adding vectors.

Mar. 13 - Oh joy! It is that time again... Castle Learning - Unit IV Pretest

Retest for Unit III will be on Thursday after school starting promptly at 2:20!!!

Mar. 12- go to this site http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/projectile-motion... and play around...see how angle, velocity, and initial height affect the range of the projectile. Also, Castle Learning - Projectile Motion 1

Mar. 8 - Review this for extra help with trig and vectors....and...
Mar. 7 - Castle Learning...Vector Addition...it might help to look over the orange sheets for a little background.

BoI-Procedure1.JPGMar. 2 - Begin writing your constant acceleration lab (Ball on Incline)...here is the picture of the whiteboard with the "best" procedure. Remember, it goes on pages 94-95 of your lab notebook.

Mar. 1 - Unit III Test on Castle Learning and don;t forget to look over your notebook for the in-class portion tomorrow

Feb. 29 - Attempt the last four problems from Unit III WS 4...graphically and algebraically (i.e. the equations)...AND the Unit III Post-Test on Castle Learning!

Feb. 28 - There's like, more Castle Learning and junk...Kinematics Review..both of them...and you might want to start looking over Lesson 6 from http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/1DKin/

Feb. 27 - On Castle Learning...Unit III Mid-test - ES 1.1.2...and Unit III WS 2a

The Retest for Unit II will be on Tuesday starting promptly at 2:20!!!

boromir.jpgFeb. 24- Have a great weekend! You might to start start overviewing...
http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/1DKin/ Lessons 1,3, and 4

Feb. 23 - What a great visit by the engineers from AREVA. Just to let you know...a graduate from UNCC with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering has an average starting salary of $60K. Also, it was the opinion of one of the engineers that UNCC grads are "pound for pound better than ones from VT or NCSU."
Feb. 22 - Read this.... Think about when it is okay to accept ideas as "truth" just because a person with "authority" told you. Also, if you know you're right, is okay to lie just to make people more willing to believe you? I think I forgot to mention it, but we will be having some guest speakers tomorrow from Areva...Nuclear Engineering...bring any questions you might have about anything nuclear tomorrow!

Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about this? ...

Feb. 17 - You have a long weekend..almost too long. If you did not do the homework from last night please do it as soon as possible. Enjoy your weekend!!!

Feb. 16 - There are two Castle Learning assignments for you to complete tonight...Unit II Post-Test - ES 1.1.1-1.1.2 and Unit II Pretest - ES 1.1.2. Both are based on your participation, either you do it (100%) or you don't (0%). Again, these are for us to track your growth in Physics. Stagnation leads to the Dark Side...

Feb. 15 - Somewhere on Castle Learning lurks Part 2 of the Unit II test...it must be done tonight! Don't forget to study version 1 of the test!!!

Feb. 14 - Happy Valentine's Day!!! Use everything you have to try as much of Unit II Test version 1 as you can. Tomorrow is review and the test is on Thursday.

Feb. 13- I know putting this up early is going to tempt some of you to start, but please wait.....try to complete World 1 ONLY!!!!

Feb. 10 - Use the reading to help write your very first lab report. Use the Lab Report format to write your report onto pages 62-63 of your lab notebook.
Feb. 9 - First, look at version 1 of Unit II Test and try to answer the first four questions. Second, read and try to apply it to the first 8 motion matching exercises from today. Third, if you have not done the Unit II Pretest on Castle Learning, please do...it is for my own diagnostic purposes and not evil. Oh yeah, you have a quiz tomorrow based on the Buggy Lab...aka Constant Velocity Model.
Feb. 8 - Don't know why this didn't work last night...but...Castle Learning..Unit II Pretest-ES 1.1.1-1.1.2...it is due tomorrow and is 30 questions! It is a pretest, so you either get a 100 or 0 for the participation...it is NOT an actual test!!!! Just checking what you know first.

Feb. 6 - Read the Aesop's fable and "Car and driver" article...**http://childhoodreading.com/?p=3** and
**http://mobilelink.caranddriver.com/features/10q1/effects_of_upsized_wheels_and_tires_tested-tech_dept** What can you infer from the chart in the article?

minifigchuck.jpgFeb. 3 - The first part of your test ison Castle Learning...TEST - Lab Basics...and is 22 questions long. Have it completed BEFORE class on Monday. On Monday, you will take the second half of the test for which you should have already studied.

Feb. 2 - Study, study, study!!! If you have done both of the readings you should be golden. The test is actually easier than graphing problems we went over today.

Feb. 1 - Review the Graphical Methods Summary we made today in class. Recognizing those shapes and their respective algrebraic representations will make things much easier for you. You will have another quiz tomorrow on lab concepts and data analysis...can you make a graph? Also, your TEST that should have been tomorrow based on the syllabus has been moved to Friday..it is short and covers graphing and lab skills.

Jan. 31 - SKETCH graphs for the other three data sets from and try to determine the equation that best represents the relationship for the data. Try to answer the four questions at the bottom of page 20 of your lab notebook...they relate to the spring cart lab. You will also have a quiz tomorrow covering the...basic relationships.

jesuscat.jpgJan. 30- 1) Sketch rebound vs stretch and rebound vs mass graphs for the data you collected today and on Friday. 2) You need to go to https://castlelearning.com/review/login.asp and log in using the id: cms-(followed by your school id number) for example cms-12345678. It will take you directly to my class. If you have never logged on before, type in your id and leave the password blank. It will then request that you set a password...make it your birthdate in the fashion of logging into the computers in the media center. There will be an assignment waiting for you..Intro to Castle Learning.

And, for those of you wishing to complete your lab notebooks...given by page number:
1. Student "self-portrait": decorate with hobbies, passions, and aspirations...who are you?
2-3. Course description...mine is 3 pages...2 pages on a side, NOT front and back..."birdy" fold
4. Scientific Reasoning Goals
5. Bouncy ball observations and questions only...NO DATA
6-7. HW Readings "Labor" and "Why do Labs"...2 pages on a side, NOT front and back.."birdy" fold
8. HW responses to readings...top half "Labor", bottom half "Why"
9. Warm from Mindtrap on top half; bottom half "rules for whiteboarding" - I might have to send you this
10. Bouncy Ball data and handmade graph, slope calculation, etc
11. Top half - lab discussion...conclusion, linear relationship, units, slope; bottom half - lab practical work...get ball to bounce to 1.2 m
12. top half - warm-up from mindtrap; bottom half - spring cart observations and predictions...graphs will look like what?
13. Spring cart data and graphs - for discussion purposes only...trends in data, shape of graph
14-15. Unit I Reading Graphical Methods - 2 pages on a side, NOT front and back..."birdy" fold
16. warm-up- Dr. Pisani on top half; bottom half AND page 17 - students copy teacher collected data from unique setup (practical will be based on this data)
18-19. Experimental Design reading - 2 pages on a side, NOT front and back..."birdy" fold
20. top half - venn diagram using y = 2x and y =2x + 5; bottom half - spring cart application homework - I might have to send this too
21 and 22 - Unit I WS 1 - data sets cut out, 2 sets per page...initial graphs and linearized graphs...teach using Excel or TI-83s here
23. Unit I Quiz 1 - put here after graded and returned
24. Warm-up - Graphical methods summary chart...students fill in blanks after rearranging a cut up overhead of the filled in one
25. Spring cart ranking task 1
26-28 Proportionality and Graphing problems...1 set per page...whiteboard first then complete
29. top half - spring cart ranking task 2; bottom half - practical from teacher data
30-31. Unit I Review...2 pages on a side, NOT front and back..."birdy" fold
32. Unit I Quiz 2 - put here after graded and returned

Jan. 27 - What?!?!?! Homework over the weekend?!?!?!? Most definitely! Make sure you get the required materials and read And in case you are wondering what a Physicist does and what they look like...http://www.aps.org/careers/physicists/profiles/index.cfm ...for fun try to email one of them? And for the young women...http://www.aps.org/programs/women/scholarships/index.cfm

Jan. 26 - Read through the "Reading - Graphical Methods" in your folder
Jan. 25 - Refer to last night's homework AND construct a graph that best represents the data you collected today for the Bouncy Ball investigation. Also, read the blog entry for "Why do Physics labs?" and answer the following questios:
a. How do you feel about the statement, " The LAB is what makes a science course a science course." Have you had science courses where you didn't do labs? Was that "science"?

b. How was your experience with the lab we have started? How does this one experience compare to your previous lab experiences?

Jan. 24 - There are quite a few things for you to do for homework tonight: 1. Get your parents to fill out the Parent Communication Sheet and visit the webpage for the course description and syllabus, 2. Read the blog entry "Labor or Oratory" that is in your folder and answer the following questions...
a. Have you ever known, or been known to be, a “Delilah?” How did it make you feel?

b. A lot of times I get students who signed up for my class because “we do stuff” and they end up being the Delilahs. They wait until the other students have finished the work only to copy later. Does simply having the data entitle them to same grade that the other students earned? Would it be fair to give them a 0 for the lab? How would you feel if your grade was based on the grade they earned on the next test? When do you “call them out” and should it be socially acceptable in the classroom setting?

3.go to STAPLES and get the lab notebook (compostion, quadrille, $2.29) and the 4-pack of AAA batteries, pack of glue sticks, protractor-ruler, and dry erase markers